Technology Club of the Faculty of Applied Engineering - University of Antwerp

Technology Club of the Faculty of Applied Engineering - University of Antwerp

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iMagineLab is a non-profit community club where students of the Faculty of Applied Engineering can collaborate on various projects with committed friend and fellow students in addition to their eduction. With this initiative, we want to bring students of different engineering disciplines and years together. Students are able to network with other members who are also passionated about technology. Developing these network skills are the key in building your further professional career.

Besides the regular project nights, we are constantly expanding and improving the community spirit. For this, we organise various special events which members can participate, such as building challenges, competitions, Xperience On Demand and hackathons.

Let your imagination run wild

In the community, students get the opportunity to work out their own ideas. Furthermore, you can find team members who want to participate with your project or get support from other community members. The iMagineLab community is strongly convinced that working in team is twice as fun!

No project to work on? No problem! iMagineLab is the place to be to find inspiration. We are happy to assist you with finding the right project in your domain of interest. Also, there are ongoing community projects that are always free to join.

Learn by doing

iMagineLab is founded by a group of students from the Faculty of Applied Engineering at the University of Antwerp. With this initiative, we want to encourage students to create projects and experiment with technology. In doing so, students can apply their knowledge and experience in their own projects. The community is located on campus Groenen­borger. In addition, we are able to use the available infra­structure and tools on the campus.

As an engineer in training, you are prepared for lifelong learning and so, we try to stimulate this ability. In our projects, we work with state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, we offer our members the opportunity to learn and work on a self-chosen topic or skill on our 'Xperience On Demand' evenings.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
- Albert Einstein

// Projects

In the Spotlight

Project 1


A retro arcade machine with student developed games.

More info

Project 2

Animated Digital Assistant

Animatronic technology combined with a digital assistant.

More info

Project 3

Warmste Makerspace

Projects with Team Scheire in favor of 'De Warmste Week'.

More info

"Imagination is the beginning of creation"
- George Bernard Shaw

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