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iMagineLab is a technology club for and by students who want to discover science and technology in their spare time. With this initiative, we want to engage and inspire members to be innovative and creative with technology. We bring together students, PhDs and alumni from our faculty every week to convert knowledge and experience into cool projects. Members are able to use the labs and equipment available at our faculty, such as 3D printers, modular drones, robotics, laser cutters, VR and more!

Additionally, we organise activities (e.g. hackathons, learning events, etc.) on campus and participate in external events and competitions, of which we have achieved top performances and prizes. Whether you're a beginner - or an expert maker in your domain - iMagineLab welcomes you all with open arms. Come visit us to discover a new world of technology, or just to have a nice chat with other iMagineers!

1-2-3... Join us!

Wanna join us? Excellent! You can contact us via our public channels below to receive your invitation to become an official iMagineer and get access to our club events, chats with news and tools for members. Request your free membership, or ask any questions, now and we will get in contact with you asap!

Not convinced yet? Keep a look out on our Facebook page for our introduction activities to take a visit and get to know the team.

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Groenenborgerlaan 171

2020 Antwerp


E-mail: info@imaginelab.club

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