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De Warmste Week is one of the largest solidarity campaigns in Belgium. For the edition of 2019, iMagineLab participated at the Warmste Makerspace of Team Scheire in the BUDA::lab in Kortrijk. During a three-day hackathon session, all maker teams joined forces to solve as many problems as possible of people with disabilities. The iMagineLab team was able to contribute in building functional prototypes for three different cases. All solutions have been built for the benefit of De Warmste Week and are available as 'open source' on this page!


Case 1

Pushbuttons for speech and IoT controls - Theo

Binnenkort beschikbaar/Available soon

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Case 2

Cash assistant - Zorgcentrum De Vleugels

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Case 3

Parking distance warning lights - Veerle

Binnenkort beschikbaar/Available soon

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